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Excerpts from Fun with Composer's Instructional DVD's

Teacher Guide (Pre K- Gr. 3) Vol. IDiscover how children can make “magical” soup through the music of Mozart. In section A of the “Marriage of Figaro” children will be adding spices from their imaginary spice cupboards with presto fast hands. In Section B, they will “stir it up” using a legato stir, and in Section C they will shout out to everyone in the land to “Come and taste their soup” using their forte voices. This video sample is taken after one 50 minute class with kindergarten students that had never been exposed to the materials. Print off the map and follow along with the music just as the students do! A great tool to teach the concept of form! Enjoy!

  • Marrige of Figaro (Final Outcome followed by Sample
    Lesson Plan)

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Guide de l’enseignant (Pré- mat a la 3e année)

Préparez la soupe magique avec un chef incroyable qui s’appelle Figaro!

Section A – En chantant « na-me-na-me-name », ajoutez des épices et des assaisonnements rapidement (presto) dans la marmite de soupe imaginaire.

Section B – Faites semblant de mélanger la soupe tout en humant son arôme. Chantez « Mélangez!
Mélangez! » Cette section est jouée legato avec les notes liées. Cette section est plus lente que la
Section A. Le mot pour lentement est lento.

Section C – Le Chef Figaro était si content de sa soupe délicieuse qu’il s’est mis à chanter de joie en prenant sa voix forte! Peux-tu chanter forte avec le Chef? « Venez gouter! C’est délicieux! Y’a rien de mieux! Na-me-name, na-me-name, na-me-name, na-me-name! »

Section D – Distribuez les bols de soupe et dites « miam » en déposant les bols. Utilisez deux cuillères pour manger la soupe de façon enthousiaste et rapide!

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Teacher Guide (Pre K-Gr. 3) Vol. II

Take a peak at Fun with Composer’s version of the William Tell Overture by Rossini. In this video you will witness how classical music can be fun for all ages! Together children and adults alike experience the thrill of racing at a professional race track in Winnipeg, Manitoba with none other than Farmer Bob’s “Old Joe.” Children will be able to identify section A and B of the music, demonstrating this through a change in direction as they gallop to the beat .

When they come to the “bridge” (connecting segment of music) a brave soloist who portrays “Old Joe” will gallop triumphantly as the crowd cheers on! Through the lyrics the children realize that it doesn’t matter how you place in the race but just by participating you are a winner. Old Joe teaches children that in order to achieve your dreams you must be determined, work hard and never quit! Anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

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Interested in other Fun with Composer favourites?

See how boys and girls of all ages enjoy the following pieces:

  1. Habanera – Bizet (A favorite with the grade 6/7 students!) Teacher Guide (Gr. 3-7)
  2. Fossils – Saint-Saens (Boys LOVE becoming the skeletons and pirates in this piece.) Teacher Guide (Gr. 3-7)
  3. Rondo Alla Turca – Mozart (A very fun, versatile piece you can use with your K’s or your 6’s.) Teacher Guide (Gr. 3-7)
  4.  Kangaroo – Saint-Saens (Little Joey hops in search of his mother at the zoo.) Teacher Guide Vol II
  5. Pizzicato Polka – Strauss (The perfect compliment to the primary “Bug Unit”. Teacher Guide (Pre K- Gr.3) Vol I
  6. Persian March – Strauss ( Ahoy Matey! Join the pirates as they search for Bad Bart!) Teacher Guide (Pre K-3) Vol I
  7. Ballet of Unhatched Chicks – Mussorgsky (Break free of your shells with Charli and the chicks!) Teacher Guide Vol II

These are just a few of the many, many Fun with Composer pieces which children love. All pieces may be viewed as either a “Final Outcome” or step by step under “Lesson” on our Instructional DVDs found in our Teacher Guides.

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