About the Author

Deborah Ziolkoski

Deborah is passionate about music. When listening to it, she feels it. And when not listening to it, she imagines it. When it comes to classical music, Deborah has an extra burst of excitement and creativity. A renowned piece of classical music to her is a mini-musical adventure with storybook characters, lyrics, movement, and improvisation.

Classical music to Deborah is anything but music for the mature so she created Fun with Composers – a simple, fun approach to classical music that offers positive learning experiences and inspires students and educators.

With her Bachelor of Education and Master Orff level, Deborah spends her days as the creator and author of Fun with Composers, an elementary music specialist with the Surrey School District in British Columbia, designer of the elementary school concerts with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, international workshop clinician, wife, and mother of three young girls.

She hopes her Fun with Composers curriculum brings plenty of joy and laughter into your classroom and home.