Recommended Resources… by Joy Reeve

Joy Reeve is an Orff Levels Instructor for the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and has been teaching in the elementary classroom for over a decade. She has a diverse range of experience including conducting community choirs and orchestras.

New! (for Grade 1 to 6)

You Can Walk… You Can Talk… You Can Orff!

You Can Walk…You Can Talk…You Can Orff! (Gr. 1-6) is a classroom resource for the elementary teacher, both classroom and music specialist. The book sequences musical development with songs and activities beginning in the body with beat (You Can Walk.) and rhythm (You Can Talk.), and expands rhythm through the use of instruments with the Orff process of word substitution, leading into improvisation. The Orff process of word-body percussion-instruments is explained in detail. Also featured is the “Insert an Ostinato” section where teachers and students can choose an ostinato with a challenging level of difficulty to accompany a song.

All songs and activities have clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans with hints, and extensions, with multiple points of completion for students and teachers. The Teacher Support Section is a wealth of info and how-to’s. This book is packed with practical ideas and suggestions to support your music program!


Book (2 CD’s Included) $32.95

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We Can Sing…We Can Play…Everyday! (PreK – Gr.3)

“We Can Sing…We Can Play…Everyday!” Has a great choice of songs and chants, both traditional and contemporary. These are accompanied by activities children would love and which are presented in a clear step-by-step progression.

Many ideas from the main philosophies of teaching music to young children-Dalcroze Kodaly and Orff-are included with clear explanations of these. This book will be very useful for the beginning teacher and will also be an excellent reference book for those with more experience. This book is written for Pre-K to Grade 3.



Book (2 CD’s Included) $34.95

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