Testimonials & Awards


“We pop in the CD and we’re off to a magical land, combining simple lyrics that roll off the tongue with storybook characters. The children’s guide helps us (parents) steer our kids through music comprehension even if our forte is in accounting. We’re singing the praises of Fun with Composers activity books.”

– MAGAZINE, Sweet Mama

“It’s a twist to music education that ends boredom and challenges young minds. My students have laughed themselves silly and learned plenty about the wonderful world of music in the process. It is my intention to continue to spread the good word to other music teachers.”

New Century Music School Owner – Gloria J Fowler
Nationally Certified Early Childhood Music Educator
Former Affiliate of Television’s Romper Room

“You’ve taught them to reach for those high ideals, and with energy, teamwork, and perseverance, they’ll attain them! Never “let your bar drop” – our children have learned so much more than just music through you. Thank you for your vision and your talent for teaching, for your determination in helping our children create such powerful music together.”

– Teacher/Parent – Barbara Wells

Fun with Composers embraces much of the Montessori philosophy and method, even though it was not designed as a Montessori program. What I see is a very exciting, user-friendly classical music program that virtually anyone can implement and execute. The guides, DVDs and CDs contain everything a teacher needs to help students experience classical music in a fun and meaningful way. “

– Program Director of the North American Montessori Center – Dale Gausman

“I am amazed to see how quickly my three-year old son took to this CD. After playing it only one day, he was asking for the “Bug Song”, the “Pirate Song” and the “Pear Song” to be played over and over. He’ll pull out the Just for Kids guide and try to follow the music maps. They are brilliant! Many times, I’ll hear him singing the songs as he’s getting ready for bed or dancing around the living room. We’ve been singing and dancing to this CD only for a couple of weeks now, but he knows these songs like he knows simple nursery rhymes that he’s heard for years. Playing his “new music” has become an exciting new addition to our morning routine. Fun with Composers is creative, fun and a fantastic mini-musical adventure.”

– Communications Specialist/Parent – Lisa McBride

“Fun with Composers Guides are a wonderful resource and share the true “spirit” of Music for Young Children’s method of teaching.”

– Founder of Music for Young Children – Frances Balodis

“I want you to know how much fun it has been to teach this course. I absolutely LOVE it! The morning goes by so quickly I can’t believe it! The kids are really having a blast. I really enjoy watching them giggle their way through learning! Even the oldest boys (gr. 6 & 7) think it’s great! I’ve had lots of positive feedback from parents. Thanks for providing this awesome program.”

– Home Schooling Parent – Patti King

“I just wanted to let you know how much fun my music classroom has become thanks to the Fun with Composers books! I have completed two activities in the Pre K- Gr. 3 book and the students want more! They absolutely love it! The oldest students are now asking to learn the pirate dance which the younger students performed at an assembly. I will have to order the intermediate books very soon! Thank you!!!

– Music Specialist – Patti Marshall-Casavechia

“I think my son (who has been diagnosed with Mild Autism) can picture the music being played by the composer when he listens to the songs as he gets right into it. He loved listening to the songs on a regular basis and really responded to following along with the music with the finger reading sheets provided (Music Maps).”

– Mother of Autistic Child, Christine Chura

“Your lyrics are so in tune with children. My girls and I just sing the songs spontaneously wherever we are. It’s just great fun! We were watching a children’s cartoon on television and as soon as she heard it my daughter said “Johann Strauss”! She recognized the composer and the music from your program! You have a wonderful way of engaging children. Thank you!”

– Homeschooler, Sonya White

“I just love how you take classical music and made it active and fun. Thanks so much for sharing your creative talent. A little grade 2 boy told me that one night when his family was having spaghetti for dinner, he asked for his dad to pass the parmesan cheese. As he sprinkled it onto his pasta, he broke into the entire song of Figaro the Magical Chef, just changing the word ‘soup’ to ‘food’ The family sat in awe as he belted out his passionate song.”

– Teacher, Maureen Cunningham

“Give the gift of music to a child! Deborah Ziolkoski, creator and author of Fun with Composers, shows that music is not a mystery – it is a fundamental component of each human experience. ”

Music Director, Bramwell Tovey
Vancouver Symphony and
Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg

“You have put so much value into your works: entertainment, music, fun, knowledge, and great messages of kindness, politeness and manners. Your program is brilliant! What you have brought to life for children and adults fortunate enough to see the books is unbelievable! They are entertaining and the messages are wonderful.”

– Mother / “New fan”, Cynthia Provencher

“One of my students said, “I wish all learning could be this fun.” Wow! I wish all teaching could be that fun! Every sixth grader was moving, singing, acting, learning and having great fun (with the Tritsch Tratsch Polka). I told the students that I would play the piece without the words while they moved their desks back into place. When everything was back in order and students were seated, several complained, “You promised you would play the song without the words, but you didn’t.” I actually had played the instrumental piece, but they had been singing so enthusiastically, they hadn’t noticed. As I played the instrumental piece again, they tapped feet, nodded heads, made their ringmaster or tightrope walker or vendor facial expressions and added any possible movement they could while still remaining seated. It was such an amazing thing to see! ”

– Teacher, Tracy DeLaurenti McClure

“It’s a rich resource that stimulates children of all ages to become excited about the treasure that is classical music. I am delighted that students are encouraged to share with family and friends their knowledge about the classics through reproducible, take-home materials.”

– Consultant, Elementary Music Education,
Ruth Wiwchar



2010 Moonbeam Literacy Award

Awarded the Bronze Medal in North America for
Children’s Books with Music.