A Simple, Fun Approach to Classical Music


What is Fun with Composers?

Fun with Composers brings classical music to life with a unique union of story and song in an appealing interactive approach. Dancing Bugs, Ringmasters and Snobby Pears are just a few of the fascinating characters unveiled in the power of storytelling in our lessons.

Each well-known piece comfortably draws children into the intriguing world of classical music as they quickly embrace drama, song, movement, instrumental play and art.Our approach nurtures the many ways which children learn, provides fun visuals, imaginative stories, and many opportunities for creative improvisation.

For a full explanation of how our programs work in the classroom read our Introductory .PDF



“Your program is exceeding my expectations in every conceivable way. I am the “Pied Piper” and a “sought-after”music teacher thanks to your wonderful materials! Many, many thanks!”
~ Grant Hartwick, Music Educator




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