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Benefits of listening to classical music at a young age

Increased concentration  |  Increased creativity  |  Improved social skills

Invite Chef Figaro and friends into your home

Classical music at its best for kids

Fun with Composers – the award-winning classical music curriculum – now makes it possible for students to sing, dance and play along to their favourite Fun with Composers classical music selections in the comfort of their own home.

Whether it’s the way your child’s eyes light up when they hear the voice of Chef Figaro and they begin to stir their soup to the music of Mozart …or their giggles escape as they dance the “Bug step wiggle wiggle” to the Pizzicato Polka by Johann Strauss, we know that these moments will be treasured.

“Entertainment, music, fun, knowledge, and great messages of kindness, politeness and manners…  Brilliant! What you have brought to life for children is unbelievable!”

~ Cynthia Provencher, Mother

Order your Just for Kids Guides, including 18 audio tracks / Fichiers Audio (per volume), TODAY!
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Enjoy the free vocal track samples and guide samples below…
(instrumental versions are included in your purchase)

Pre K to Gr. 3 - Volume 1

The Marriage of Figaro…Mozart (Figaro the Magical Chef)

Slavonic Dance no. … Dvorak (The Great Barn Dance)

Minuet in G Major… Bach (Royal Dance)

Tritsch Tratsch Polka…Strauss (The Ringmaster and the Tightrope Walker)

Minuetto…Mozart (The Snobby Pears)

Pizzicato Polka…Strauss (Bugsy and the Pizzicato Polka)

Aquarium…Saint-Saëns (The Giant Octopus)

Surprise Symphony…Haydn (Sneakers and Sleepers)

Persian March…Strauss (Sneaky Sam)

Guide 1 - Sample 1

Guide 1 - Sample 2

Guide 2 - Sample 1

Guide 2 - Sample 2