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English Resources – Music Specialists, Classroom Teachers and Homeschooling Parents (Download versions)

Volume I: (PreK-Gr. 3) and (Gr.3 – Gr.7)

For every teacher – includes everything you need to bring out the musical maestro in any student!

Fun with Composers captivates children’s imaginations through our interactive approach to classical music. Magical Chefs, Secret Agents and Sea Creatures are discovered in the music of Camille Saint-Saens, Grieg, and other greats! Our Orff-based approach makes orchestral works spring to life as children sing, dance, act, and move to the music

Our flexible guides are easy to integrate into a curriculum, providing teachers with a wide range of themes, music, and composers to choose from. Teachers have always been fascinated by how easy it is to adapt our lessons to any grade level. Music and concepts have been creatively woven into the lessons to keep the emphasis on imaginative fun!

Fun with Composers is truly teacher friendly! Reproducible composer images, biographies, music maps, and activity pages are designed to enrich the child’s experience.

Nine exciting classical selections are introduced, providing teachers with over 27 detailed lesson plans – well over a year’s worth of classical music materials! Our guides provide teachers with a classical music supplement that enriches any program.

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Teacher’s Guide – Volume II: (PreK-Gr. 3 only)

For every teacher—includes everything you need to bring out the musical maestro in any student!

Volume II is sure to entice children to sing, dance, act and play to this mini-musical creation with more classical wonders like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky! Charming storybook characters like Hatching Chicks, Mischievous Bananas and Russian Inspectors captivate children’s imagination through this unique union of story and song while creatively weaving in concepts corresponding to the National Standards.

The Teacher’s Guide is a dynamic ensemble with over 27 Orff-based lesson plans featuring Laban movement choreography, Orff orchestrations, rhythmic play, listening questions, art activities, cross-curricular integration, reproducible composer activity sheets, biographies and colouring pages and FWC’s very own Music Maps – a visual presentation of music in an organized child-centred format. Includes a CD and an instructional DVD that guarantee success demonstrating the teaching process and final outcomes of each selection in a real classroom setting!

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Recommended New Resources… by Joy Reeve
Joy Reeve is an Orff Levels Instructor for the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and has been teaching in the elementary classroom for over a decade. She has a diverse range of experience including conducting community choirs and orchestras.

You Can Walk.You Can Talk. You Can Orff! (Gr.1-Gr.6)

You Can Walk.You Can Talk.You Can Orff! (Gr. 1-6) is a classroom resource for the elementary teacher, both classroom and music specialist. The book sequences musical development with songs and activities beginning in the body with beat (You Can Walk.) and rhythm (You Can Talk.), and expands rhythm through the use of instruments with the Orff process of word substitution, leading into improvisation. The Orff process of word-body percussion-instruments is explained in detail. Also featured is the “Insert an Ostinato” section where teachers and students can choose an ostinato with a challenging level of difficulty to accompany a song.

All songs and activities have clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans with hints, and extensions, with multiple points of completion for students and teachers. The Teacher Support Section is a wealth of info and how-to’s. This book is packed with practical ideas and suggestions to support your music program!

Book (CD Included) $32.95




We Can Sing…We Can Play…Everyday! (PreK – Gr.3)

“We Can Sing…We Can Play…Everyday!” Has a great choice of songs and chants, both traditional and contemporary. These are accompanied by activities children would love and which are presented in a clear step-by-step progression.

Many ideas from the main philosophies of teaching music to young children-Dalcroze Kodaly and Orff-are included with clear explanations of these. This book will be very useful for the beginning teacher and will also be an excellent reference book for those with more experience. This book is written for Pre-K to Grade 3.

Book (2 CD’s Included) $34.95





French Resources – Music Specialists, Classroom, Core French, Immersion, Francophone and Homeschooling Parents

Ressources françaises – Pour spécialistes en musique; titulaires de Français, d’immersion française, ou Français de base; et parents-enseignants à domicile


On s’amuse avec les compositeurs (Pré- mat a la 3e année) (CD et DVD inclus) Contes – Arts dramatiques-Chansons-Mouvement-Instruments-Art visuels

Cette version française complète du volume 1 qui comporte des fiches de vocabulaire supplémentaires, est une ressource indispensable pour les enseignants de musique et de français! Une approche amusante, Innovatrice et interactive a l’apprentissage! Page reproductibles -On s’amuse avec les compositeurs permet a l’enseignant de copier des pages pour la classe et les élèves. Images de compositeurs, biographies, musicogrammes, cartes de vocabulaire, tout est conçu pour enrichir l’apprentissage de l’élève.

Les CD sont amusants et incitent les enfants a chanter en chœur. De plus, ils peuvent servir aux parents qui souhaitent aider leur enfant a suivre les musicogrammes. L’arrangement orchestral qui suit immédiatement saura bien plaire aux enfants.

Les DVD éducatifs offrent une version condensée du contenu des guides de l’enseignant, que l’on présente dans le cadre d’un cours de 40 minutes a des élèves qui n’ont passe aucune audition. Donc, de vrais élèves, dans une vraie classe! Les DVD présentent le processus et les principales stratégies d’enseignement, ainsi que le résultat final de chaque pièce. Avec on s’amuse avec les compositeurs, c’est la réussite garantie!

Guide de l’enseignant
On s’amuse avec les compositeurs (Pré- mat a la 3e année) (CD et DVD inclus) $99,95

French Supplement: Teacher’s Guide – Volume I: (PreK-Gr. 3
For every teacher – includes everything you need to bring out the musical maestro in any student!

Fun with Composers is thrilled to present “On s’amuse avec les compositeurs, its first French Supplement to the Teacher’s Guide Volume I (Pre K to Gr 3).

Now this simple, fun approach to classical music is available en francais! Available online from our new Digital Download Store. Get yours today – it’s just a click away. The new French Supplement includes MP3s, Music Maps, scores, creative stories, and composer bios.

On s’amuse avec les compositeurs is designed to be used with the Fun with Composer’s Teacher Guide (Pre K – Gr. 3). Together this dynamic duo makes it easy for teachers to deliver the Fun with Composer’s program to students in French. Created for all teachers including Classroom, Music, Core French, Immersion, and Francophone Teachers.

Thank you and enjoy! / Merci et profiter!