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Invite Chef Figaro and friends into your home

Classical music at its best for kids

Fun with Composers – the award-winning classical music curriculum – now makes it possible for students to sing, dance and play along to their favourite Fun with Composers classical music selections in the comfort of their own home.

Whether it’s the way your child’s eyes light up when they hear the voice of Chef Figaro and they begin to stir their soup to the music of Mozart …or their giggles escape as they dance the “Bug step wiggle wiggle” to the Pizzicato Polka by Johann Strauss, we know that these moments will be treasured.

Until May 1st enter coupon code FWCGIFT19 to receive 30% off the introductory price for
Volumes I and II PreK-Gr. 3 and Volume 1 – Gr. 3-7 (audio tracks only).
$9.95 for a single Volume (regular price is $12.95 each) 
$19.08 for all three Volumes (regular price is $25.95 for 3)  
Each Volume has 18 audio tracks and includes lyrics and instrumental versions.

Benefits of listening to classical music at a young age

Increased concentration  |  Increased creativity  |  Improved social skills

Pre K to Gr. 3 - Volume 1

Remember to enter Coupon Code: FWCGIFT19 to receive a 30% discount until May 1st

(Does not work in conjunction with any other coupon)